Small children’s bedrooms: How to have less mess and more space to play 

small children's bedroom

Small rooms need a bit of thought if they are going to be used as a children’s bedroom because, let’s face it, kids have a lot of stuff – and they like to have most of it out at the same time.

One of the first small bedroom designs we did was for our own young family at home. We had become used to kicking books and toys out of the way to open and close the door but we knew the space could be planned in a much better way.

We wanted to create something that would grow with our children and that looked fitted without being fixed to the walls. That way we had the flexibility to move things around and even take the furniture with us if we ever decided to move.

We have now developed a whole range of small room furniture that can be tailored to fit any children’s bedroom and which is ideally suited to smaller rooms where space is at a premium and there is a real need for clever storage and careful planning.

A children’s room will be used differently depending on the stage they are at. Young children like to have plenty of floor space where they can upturn their toy boxes and let their imagination go wild. As they grow up they might want to be able to fit in a friend or two for sleepovers. In time, the room might be used as a study area too, with a desk and somewhere to keep books and a computer.

Here are a few things to think about when planning a well-organised bedroom for sleep and play.

The bed

Boxroom bedroom bed and wardrobe - side shelf detail by DovetailorsThis is obviously somewhere for children to sleep but as all parents know, there may be some bouncing, cuddly toy storage and general clutter to accommodate too. For this reason, we have made our mid-sleeper beds sturdy enough to withstand some extra passengers, more than a few knocks and many years of use.

The bed itself can be made to measure so it can be a bit narrower, wider, longer or shorter than standard to make the most of the space available. We can shape it around a window to give the room a fully fitted look and leave the window unobstructed.


We find that if a cupboard is big enough and easy to access, children can be encouraged to tidy up themselves (yes really!). Fitted cupboards beneath the bed can be used to store all sorts. Toys, clothes, books, games and collectibles can be hidden away in the under-bed storage and there is an adjustable shelf inside each cupboard to make the most of the space available.


fitted look Small-bedrooms-cabin-bed-with-pull-out-desk - drawers are fitted in the stairsDrawers are another under-bed storage solution which is incorporated into our fitted look small bedroom designs in a rather unusual way. The drawers are designed into the steps so they have a dual purpose. All our furniture is designed with practicality in mind as well as good looks and durability. Our drawers are made in the traditional way so they won’t jam or fall apart, even when fully loaded. We make them with a soft close feature as standard.


Small children may not need much hanging space at all but a wardrobe gives extra storage and flexibility to be adapted over time. If a hanging rail isn’t used then extra shelving can be added instead. The wardrobe itself can be fitted at the head or foot of the bed, depending on the shape of the room.

The floor

cabin bedOnce the space is planned in, the floor is really up to you but hopefully some thoughtful design will have left a reasonable area for play, even in the most compact room. Colourful rugs, bean bags and even a sofabed or chair bed for overnight guests could be options. The great things about mid-sleeper cabin beds is that they utilise the height of the room rather than the floor leaving precious space for playtime, getting dressed or lounging.

We’ve made it easy to plan your own small bedroom layout online by selecting sizes and options for each feature. We can also customise any item and add other features like shelves, a desk and extra cupboards. All our furniture is made to order in our workshop which means we can make everything to measure and in the wood and finish of your choice. To find out more about our bespoke service call our design team on 0113 256 7376.