Designing organic shaped furniture with innovative software and craft expertise

One of our latest furniture designs is a perfect example of how ground-breaking CAD design software removes design limitations and opens up exciting possibilities for organic product  shapes and innovative styles.

Since we invested in our newest design programme we’ve had fun playing around with it to see how far we can push its capabilities. It allows us to create flowing chapes that just wouldn’t have been possible previously because of the highly complex mathematical calculations required.

Oak Tripod Stool

This is a very different way of designing and is very much like sculpting with clay. With this software, we can focus entirely on the shape and design, letting the programme crunch the numbers. We can be as adventurous as we like as we mould the design.

So, when Charlotte started developing a concept for a stacking tripod stool, we were able to use the CAD to explore her idea for a natural, curved design.

The process doesn’t end here, though. The computer can take us only so far. What we can bring as furniture designers is the knowledge of how the CAD created design will progress through the manufacturing process. We can also introduce features into the design that will make it user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Charlotte introduced a recessed top which makes it comfortable to sit on and multi-functional by allowing the product to be used as either a stool or side table.

Interestingly, the software also makes it possible for us to use traditional jointing methods in the making process.  The components can be made using the Bacci CNC and lathe but the traditional mortice and tenon joints are assembled by us in our Yorkshire workshop and the stool is carefully hand oiled for a beautiful finish.

We are really pleased to be launching this beautiful organically shaped stackable stool and side table and we can’t wait to start making them for our customers’ homes and workplaces.

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