BESPOKE | Church Furniture

When it comes to desiging furniture for churches, cathedrals and places of worship and faith, good design, quality construction, sensitivity towards the building’s character and an understanding of the purpose of both the furniture and its settings are essential.

“We  take the time necessary to work with you and your team to develop a design that suits your space and purpose”

We have had experience working with church architects and all levels of the clergy, as well as various committee stages required to gain the approval of many of our projects. We have worked with parish churches, monasteries, religious schools and cathedrals.
Bespoke church furniture needs to fit perfectly the needs and requirements demanded from it. It needs to endure for many years to come – to become an essential cherished part of the church’s fabric. It needs to add to, and reflect the values of a religious space.

We have worked on a range of ecclesiastical furniture projects including, altars, chairs, choir stalls, credence tables, ambos, ceremonial tables, Paschal Candle holders, organ casings, audio equipment. We are happy to discuss your furniture project.