Make it truly yours

Every piece crafted by Dovetailors is made entirely in-house by our own master designer makers, from design through to delivery. But we don’t do it alone. We make sure our customers are part of the making process; discussing ideas, choosing woods and watching as the project evolves.

Because it’s your influence that makes a piece truly yours.

Why not talk to us and start your bespoke furniture journey today?
Some customers have a very clear idea in their mind when they come to us. Others have a particular need or challenge and are looking for a solution. Our wealth of experience enables us to develop your ideas to create exactly what you want.

Working Together

It is only by truly understanding a customer’s priorities and aesthetic preferences that we can come up with the best design. That’s why we are always keen to involve you in every stage of design and manufacture.

Considered Design

Our creative director David oversees each design project and works closely with customers to meet their exact requirements. Ergonomics are as important as aesthetics so each piece of furniture is created to fit you perfectly.

Timeless skills, modern makers

Each member of our making team is highly skilled in traditional furniture making methods and our craftsmanship characterises every piece of furniture we make. Technology allows us to push the boundaries of design.

Finishing Touches

We use a variety of finishes on our wood, each of which is chosen to enhance the natural beauty of the wood and compliment the style of the piece. We will discuss the benefits of lacquers, oils and other special finishes in relation to your project.

Delivered Personally

We personally deliver your finished product and make any final adjustments in your home. For larger projects such as kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, we minimise the disruption of installation by completing most of the assembly in our workshop.