Mid-sleeper bed and wardrobefor small bedrooms
Box room bed and cupboard-004
Small-room-bed-and-cuparboard-with-centre-window-cutout A
Box room bed and cupboard-003
Box room bed and cupboard-005
Box room bed and cupboard-002
Box room bed and cupboard-006
Box room bed and cupboard-001
small-room-bed-and-cuboard-right-hand-side-with-full-bed-surround A
Box room bed and cupboard-010
small-room-bed-and-cuboard-with-full-bed-surround A
Box room bed and cupboard-008
Box room bed and cupboard-009

Mid-sleeper bed and wardrobe for small bedrooms

£2,500.00£3,800.00 inc. Vat

Transform your smallest room into a fully functioning and stylish small bedroom. This free-standing mid-sleeper and wardrobe in oak will turn the smallest room in your house into a snug bedroom you will love spending time in.

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