Custom furniture design

Custom design allows you to create a piece of furniture that does everything you want it to do and more. It complements your interiors and is specifically built to meet your needs. Whether it is a standalone piece or a fully fitted kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, our design process is a beautiful journey from concept to creation.

Starting the design process

The journey begins with a conversation as we discuss your ideas and understand your functional and aesthetic priorities. We love exploring concepts and solving problems so this is one of our favourite parts of the job. Our aim at this stage is to visualise how the piece is going to be used and what we can do to make that possible.

Creating a prototype

Our makers are talented master craftsmen and our workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art design software which facilitates the design process and helps us work out the often complex mathematical calculations needed to test a concept. We enjoy developing your ideas and will involve you in the prototyping process so that we can create a design that truly works for you.

Agreeing a design

As we discuss the design with you, we can make any changes that might be needed, finalise the materials and be absolutely certain that the prototype meets your expectations before proceeding to manufacture. The design process is as much about perfecting the function of the piece to suit its everyday purpose as it is about style and appearance.

The making process begins

Your furniture will be made with great care by the dedicated and highly qualified team of furniture makers in our workshop. We carry out everything ourselves, from start to finish, keeping in touch with you throughout. This is a very exciting stage and we will involve you as much as we can. If you are able to call in and see the work in progress you will be very welcome.


Wood furniture can be hand finished in many different ways. We will explain the effects that can be achieved with premium oils, lacquers and waxes to help you make a decision. The choice is a very personal one and will also be informed by the purpose of the piece.

Delivery and installation

We like to deliver our projects personally where possible. This gives us a chance to see it in its new home and make any final adjustments that might be needed. Fitted kitchens and other fitted furniture will be accurately measured and constructed in our workshop so that we can minimise disruption during installation.

If you have an idea and would like to discuss our custom design service please get in touch. Call us on 0113 256 7376 or email