How to create a stylish interior in smaller spaces

Solid Hardwood stacking chair in oak set at dining table ideal for smaller spaces

Many of our bespoke furniture design projects over the years have been for smaller spaces or awkwardly shaped rooms such as attics or home offices (including one or two home offices in attics!). Creating stylish interiors in small rooms and compact spaces requires careful thought and an imaginative approach to utilising the space from a practical perspective as well as an aesthetic one.

How will you use the space?

fitted look Small-bedrooms-cabin-bed-with-pull-out-desk - drawers are fitted in the stairs

The first question we always ask is about the purpose of the room and how it will function day to day. It’s amazing how even the most compact area can work really hard without appearing cluttered. A great example of this can be seen in our cabin bed design for a boxroom.

In this project, we were faced with the challenge of a narrow room, a stair bulkhead and a need for lots of storage space. We opted for a minimalist look with lots of clever hidden storage and space-saving features such as bi-folding wardrobe doors. Thought was given to where sockets would be needed and how the room would be used. An integrated bedside table and under-bed storage meant we could make the best use of the space whilst also giving the whole room a neat, streamlined look.

Interpreting your ideas for smaller spaces

Bespoke blanket chest - removable tray

Most people have something in mind when they are recreating a space in their home. It might be a challenge they want to overcome or a piece of furniture with a very specific purpose. They may just have a general idea that the room could work better. Our design process uses a problem-solving approach to come up with imaginative solutions which take their inspiration from this initial starting point. You can read more about the process here.

Design is very much a two-way process when we are developing bespoke furniture solutions for our customers. We work with them to understand their objectives, as well as their personal style. Take a look at this beautiful walnut and maple blanket box which we designed for a customer who wanted a piece of furniture that would match their specific interior style as well as giving them space to store both blankets and smaller items. The Cedar of Lebanon base keeps linens and fabrics fresh whilst the integrated drawer stores smaller items safely.

Form and function

So far, we have talked a lot about functionality. In smaller spaces, well-designed products change an interior into something that is both pleasing to look at and easy to use. When space is limited, good design is transformational. In our view, you can tell when a piece has been designed well because it just works. It complements its surroundings perfectly and looks as if it is meant to be there.

As well as designing bespoke projects, our creative team enjoy working on their own projects and one of their latest product developments has just been added to our online shop.

Our new stackable tripod stool  is perfectly suited to smaller spaces and will add both style and functionality. Thanks to the design technology we have used to create it, the stool has the appearance of being sculpted in wood. Natural curves enhance the grain and give the whole piece an organic look. It fits neatly alongside a chair or sofa and has an inset surface, which means it can be used as a side table. When extra guests pop in, it makes a very comfortable additional seat.

The full design potential of the tripod stool is unleashed when three are stacked on top of each other. The legs appear to melt over the edges, creating a sculptural centrepiece.

To find out more about our tripod stool design read about the design in projects.

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If you are looking for a home working solution in a small space, take a look at our wall mounted home office desk which can be made to custom size and specification.

Another interesting project which makes the best use of space and delivers a specific solution for a busy household is our corner bench and storage cabinet design.

To discuss a project you have in mind or to ask us a question about any of the items available in our online shop give us a call on 0113 2567376.