Developing our expertise as furniture component designers and suppliers

component designers

Thanks to our many years of experience and superb CAD/CAM and CNC facilities we are widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading wood component designers and suppliers.

This is an area of work that we really enjoy and we have invested time and energy in putting the right systems and processes in place to make sure we are competitive and can offer a highly professional service to furniture design houses that need a design and manufacturing partner with small and medium batch production capabilities.

Our work with furniture designers

We work with furniture designers of all shapes and sizes, from individual designers who need help creating their own ranges and producing prototypes for testing to more established furniture businesses that value our expertise and commercial acumen to help them produce high quality, engineered components in the most cost-effective way.

We are also discovering a growing market of designers who want to keep their manufacturing in the UK rather than having their products or components made abroad and we have helped a number of highly innovative emerging brands to achieve their goals.

What we offer

Our team embraces engineering, design, manufacturing and project management skills under one roof. We have invested heavily in our workshop facilities in recent years and are fortunate to have some of the latest computer design technology along with cutting edge machinery which can be used for one-off prototyping, small batch runs and more extensive batch manufacturing.

Our experience enables us to advise on the most efficient way to design and produce products and components and many of our clients value our commercial input.

Another large part of our business is in bespoke furniture design for individuals, churches and other organisations. This work demands a collaborative approach to design, high quality craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail – all skills which are also important in our work as component designers and suppliers.

We are also FSC Certified® (FSC® C007915) which is important for many of our commercial partners.

Work with us

Component design and manufacture is an area of work we find both challenging and rewarding. We are always keen to expand our client base and would be keen to talk to furniture companies that are looking for a knowledgeable and skilled partner in the UK to support their business.

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FSC trademark licence number ‘FSC® C007915’