5 incredible and practical ways to use glass top desks as part of your home or office décor

glass top desk with wooden trestle legs

The popularity of glass top desks has risen at a similar pace to the trend for home working, Here at Dovetailors we’ve witnessed for ourselves the high demand for our hand-oiled wooden trestle desk legs which customers are keen to combine with a clear glass top for a sophisticated look.

Desk fashion may have been inspired by the hybrid work movement but the longing for spaces that inspire the mind and delight the eye has caught on in the office too. In fact, we have been commissioned to make all kinds of glass top trestle desk combinations for open plan workspaces, CEO offices, boardrooms and meeting rooms.

glass top desk meeting table with wooden trestle leg

5 of the most inspiring uses for glass top desks and wooden trestle legs

The warmth of the wood and the beauty of the grain of our wooden trestle desk legs is enhanced by the addition of a simple glass top. The understated style works well with any interior, whether it’s a modern open plan office, a busy family living space or a mid-century styled hub for home working. Here are a few ways people have used glass top desks to enhance their home and work lives.


Glass top drafting table

Drafting tables take their name from the tilt-top desks that were traditionally used by architects and drafts people to draw up plans and designs. They were often ornate and beautifully made pieces of furniture, which perfectly reflected the care and attention of the user’s occupation. Today, drafting tables are often used in the home for crafts and hobbies. 

We make specially designed trestle legs for adjustable and tilt-top desks and they can be made to fit any size of desk. Hobby desks tend to be smaller than traditional drafting tables, which were typically very large working surfaces. This is not always the case, of course, and we have made trestle legs for both small and large custom sized drafting tables.

Glass top writing desk

Writing is another occupation that benefits from an inspiring environment. Letter writing and storytelling may seem like crafts from a bygone era but evidence suggests they are still incredibly popular pastimes. In fact, a recent study showed that over half of us in the UK have a desire to write a book at some point in our lives. What better place to do it than on a glass top writing desk, where the beautiful natural tones of our wooden trestle legs are clearly visible through the table top?

Office Desk

Vanity desk with glass top

Almost every stately home in the country will feature a characterful vanity desk, otherwise known as a dressing table. For many years, vanity desks were considered too old fashioned for modern homes but the popularity of the contemporary glass top desk has changed perceptions. A minimalist glass top desk with an ergonomic wood chair doubles up perfectly as a place to prepare for the day and a space for a laptop whenever a temporary workspace is needed.

Small glass top desk for flexible spaces

Following on from the topic of multi-purpose vanity desks, small glass top desks are particularly useful for homes or offices where flexibility is essential. A small desk can be used for schoolwork, hobbies and laptop work. Our trestle legs are ordered for made to measure desks that fit neatly into a corner or other space. One of the great advantages of ordering trestle legs and glass tops separately is that they can be made precisely to the specifications you need.

Glass top computer desk for family use

Lots of family homes have a communal desktop computer which is used by the whole family. This might be the spot where PC games are played, holidays are booked, new shoes are ordered and video calls with far flung family and friends take place. By opting for a glass top computer desk, even a large surface area can look understated and sleek.  It also has the added benefit of being a stylish feature, which is important if it’s in a focal part of the home.

How do I order trestle desk legs from Dovetailors?

At Dovetailors we make wooden trestle legs for desks of all types, sizes and purposes. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience to create the right look for you, whatever you intend to use your glass top desk for.

The ordering process is really simple. Everything is made by us in our own workshop in Yorkshire. This allows us to communicate with you throughout the design and making process to make sure everything is exactly as you want it. We calculate the dimensions of the trestle legs depending on the size and style of desk you want. You can even choose your wood for a fully customisable look. Once we know the exact dimensions of your desk, we can advise you on the size of glass to order.  Place an order through the web shop and we’ll be in touch to discuss measurements and spec or, alternatively, email us at info@dovetailors.co.uk to make an enquiry. We look forward to working with you to make the perfect glass top trestle desk.