Made to Measure Attic Office

made to measure attic office

Fitted furniture is the perfect choice for tight spaces and unusually shaped rooms and we were pleased to be able to put our design skills to the test with a made to measure attic office.

The attic is within a Regency style home and our customer understandably wanted to include some of the property’s period features in the made to measure attic office design.

Our first step was to create some renders of the proposed layout, making the most of every nook and cranny to maximise storage and usefulness of the space. We costed up a number of different options before agreeing on the final design and features.

One of the things we enjoyed most about this project was the unique elements we planned into the home office. As well as working some of the Regency style mouldings and dentals from other parts of the house we included a hidden desk and a secret compartment. These unique touches add to the individuality and cosiness of the room and make it extra special.

Fitting the pieces into such a limited space with sloping ceilings was a challenge and our computer aided design technology helped us design with absolute accuracy.

The really clever thing about this fitted home office with its secret desk and Regency style bookcases is the fact that it is completely free standing and modular. It has the appearance of being neatly fitted and made to measure but has the added benefit that the customer can move everything and even take it all with them if they ever move house. Fitted furniture can be made to measure but doesn’t have to be part of the fixtures and fittings.

The library is built in oak with burr oak detailing to the pilasters and crowning. The design includes adjustable shelving and a wiring system that gives space and airflow for a computer. Most importantly of all it has all been built with a lacquered interior for strength and a beautiful oiled finish for texture.

If you have an awkward or unusual space we can help you transform it into a useful and practical area for use as a home office, library or for storage. Email to tell us about your project.