Sharing our skills with contemporary furniture companies

contemporary furniture companies

Here at Dovetailors, we are happy to share our skills and expertise with other innovative, contemporary furniture companies. We are currently working with one such partner to manufacture the best wood components to complement their exciting designs.

In this case we are using high quality, FSC® certified, responsibly sourced birch ply to create bespoke frames including curved frames for high end products such as designer sofas, chairs and benches.

We enjoy focusing on this type of collaborative project with contemporary furniture companies and other partners helping to make original ideas a reality and not forgetting attention to detail.

Using state-of-the-art computer assisted design facilities (CAD, CAM and CNC) in combination with traditional woodworking techniques has allowed us to manufacture precise, uniform and reliable frames and components for our client. We are also involved in the development work for new and enterprising product lines.

As Master Craftsmen, we’ve got lots of experience in evolving designs and creating a finished product that is as robust as possible and made in the most efficient way.

Small batch jobs are not a problem for us and we don’t have a minimum order run – we can create three, ten, fifteen products or more! Or we can create prototypes of new designs for testing…there’s lots of options to suit all requirements.


As a small business, we get involved every step of the way and work with you just as you need at various stages of the process. Supporting design development work to ensure the product reflects the overall true vision is important to us.


Whether your product is at the early stages of design or almost ready for production, our highly skilled team can help you bring it to the market. We have extensive engineering, design and manufacturing expertise in house and can use modern, high-tech or traditional woodworking techniques. We have been producing bespoke wooden components and furniture for a variety of customers for more than a decade and we never compromise on quality.


Our partners can work with us knowing that our commitment to responsible timber sourcing has been officially endorsed. With FSC® Certification, we can demonstrate how committed we are to ethical sourcing and responsible design now and in the future. We are always happy to discuss in detail with our commercial clients the timber products we use and how we source them.


We provide a comprehensive wood component manufacturing service for our clients and are fully able to meet all demands, large scale production or small. We are pleased to have an established reputation for craftsmanship and quality and take huge pride in supporting our partners as they bring their products to the global or home market.

FSC trademark licence number ‘FSC® C007915’