Handmade desks for designers

one of the handmade desks for designers by Dovetailors bespoke

Our handmade desks for designers are as carefully crafted by us as they are indulgently imagined by our customers. As designers ourselves, we thrive on the opportunity to make something new, unique, stylish yet practical and that’s why, when it comes to creating something special for a designer to use we understand exactly where they’re coming from.

If cluttered desks lead to cluttered minds, it’s time to invest

The truth is that the ideal desk doesn’t exist. Everybody uses their desk slightly differently and for someone who is in the midst of a flow of creativity, their desk should work with them, not against them. Any old desk simply won’t do.

The art of desk design

Designing any piece of bespoke furniture is a process that begins with an analysis of how the finished product will be used, where it will sit and what style and features the user wants it to have.

From our perspective there is something incredibly satisfying about crafting something from a tree – a living, growing, raw material that will become an indispensable piece of furniture for many years to come. That sense of satisfaction is only matched when our passion for the design process is reflected in a customer’s delight when they finally get to sit at their dream desk.

Designing the perfect desk

So, ask yourself:

  • Does your current desk look good but isn’t very practical?
  • Does it fit well in your work space?
  • Could anything be improved, even if that is just a wiring system that gives space and airflow for a computer?
  • Is there something not quite right that you can’t put your finger on?

If any of these questions evoke an answer, do contact us to see how we could help find the best solution for you. We have worked with customers who bring only an imagined picture of what they want, to those providing their own drawings.

At Dovetailors we pride ourselves on how we collaborate with our customers, working with you to make stunning, individual, designs.

We think about the personal requirements for each piece we make, and see what can be done to best complement the interior features of your study or the architectural style of your home. Whatever your personal style and practical needs, our bespoke design service will create a desk that’s both beautiful to look at and comfortable to work at.

Our primary concerns are quality – making sure we use the very best materials – and functionality.

Handmade desks for designers – how to create your own

Get in touch with us today, to see how we can help make a handmade desk for you. https://dovetailors.co.uk/index/contact-dovetailors