Our ultimate guide to British made furniture

British made

A recent survey featured in The Manufacturer magazine reveals that 93% of consumers are willing to pay more for British made goods, with over three-quarters of believing products made in the UK are high quality.

This revival in ‘Buy British’ is good news for master craftsmen like us, particularly as it appears to be associated with greater awareness of the skill, time, care and quality of materials involved in making things well.

Discovering the art of British craft

Not long ago, people were talking about traditional crafts dying out in the UK. Thankfully, the tide is turning and there are new opportunities for emerging artists, designers and makers who want to make a living out of creating beautiful and practical things.

Our own furniture making business has continued to thrive for more than a decade thanks in part to our strong reputation, engineering knowledge and design expertise.  We also know that customers enjoy working with us and being part of the design process, particularly when they have commissioned us to make something special for their own home.

Over the years we have amassed a considerable amount of experience in developing new products of our own and manufacturing small batch and bulk components in a cost-effective way – without compromising on quality. Now we are delighted to be in a position to help other makers and designers realise their own ambitions by sharing the knowledge we have picked up along the way and the state of the art computer design and CNC facilities we have invested in. Often our relationship with them starts with the development of a prototype before progressing to testing and small batch production.

Delivering the skills behind top British furniture brands

As well as designing and making our own product ranges, a growing proportion of our manufacturing work is carried out on behalf of exciting, high end British brands that are making a real name for themselves in the design world. We feel very privileged to be collaborating with both up and coming and well-established companies that have a requirement for components made in Britain with care and precision. Many UK-based designers are passionate about keeping their manufacturing in this country and working with a company that they can meet with regularly to discuss ideas and evolve their product development.

Often, we are one of several British manufacturers contributing to the creation of a piece of luxury furniture. By working with small, independent workshops like ours, British designers can control the quality and durability of their finished products. They can also enjoy greater flexibility when it comes to production volumes and materials than they might if they were working with a larger factory or overseas component manufacturer.

Why British Made is win win for the customer and the environment

Everything we have talked about so far demonstrates the care, passion and attention to detail that goes into every project in our workshop. When a piece of furniture is designed to stand the test of time and built to last it is probably going to be treasured and used for many, many years. At a time when we are all trying to use less plastic, waste less food and generally undo the wrongs of the throwaway generation, the sustainability of British made furniture is one of its most appealing features.

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