How to design a bespoke bedroom

Bespoke child's bed in oak for box room or small room
design a bespoke fitted bedroom
Design your own bespoke storage

Your bedroom should be a place of calm, your domain – somewhere to relax and sleep after a long day so it’s important to know how to design a bespoke bedroom properly. Space isn’t always an issue when it comes to the bedroom – it’s what you make of that space that counts. After all, you are probably only dressing and sleeping there but as you’ll spend a lot of time doing that, then you need to get things right from the start.

Be it a chest of drawers, wardrobe, bed or a dressing table, Dovetailors can help you design a bespoke bedroom to fit any height, width or depth so you don’t have to just ‘make do’ with whatever fits. Our creative director David oversees each bespoke fitted bedroom design project and works closely with you to meet your exact requirements.

As your bedroom isn’t usually the showpiece of the house, you can be more creative and put your own stamp on it. Be bold, be artistic but be practical – you don’t want to have too many sleepless nights! On the plus-side, to ensure your sleep pattern isn’t interrupted, we build your fitted furniture in our workshop. This also minimises the time our fitting process takes in your home

When setting out to design your bespoke bedroom consider the space you have to work with – how much room you want the bed and furniture to take up and how much room you need for getting dressed and for storage.

Mirrored wardrobes and cupboards are often used to create a feeling of space to make the bedroom or en-suite appear bigger. Fitted wardrobes and cupboards can also be used to give a more streamline finish. They can stretch from floor to ceiling and will fit into even the most awkward-shaped rooms. Fitted furniture is also a good idea if you want to avoid those awkward places to clean. Each hand-crafted piece fits flush so there’s no annoying little gaps.

design a bespoke bedroom
Be as imaginative as you want

But if fitted furniture isn’t your thing and you want to make a statement with some expertly-made showpieces, then we’d be happy to help. We can design and make all types of fitted and freestanding bedroom furniture and storage. If you work with us and learn how to design a bespoke bedroom you will ensure your dream bedroom comes to fruition. Make a list of what you want within the bedroom space and furnish us with your ideas and perhaps a rough plan then we can do the rest. You don’t need to be too precise as we will ensure the exact measurements and work with you every step of the way to make sure it’s exactly what you envisaged. We can turn our hands to anything with wood – even in the most challenging of spaces. Projects undertaken by Dovetailors so far have included master bedrooms, dressing rooms, fitted guest bedrooms, fitted ensuite bathroom furniture, fitted children’s bedrooms, bespoke storage and small fitted bedrooms.

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