How to design a bespoke kitchen

design a bespoke kitchen

You’ve set your heart on a new kitchen, studied the space and shape you’ve got to work with so…let battle commence. Easy! you may think but try as you might, you can’t find anything in stores to live up to your dream and you don’t want to compromise – and you don’t have to. Time for Plan B which you wish you’d tried instead of the non-starter plan A. Find out how to design a bespoke kitchen, that way everything will be exactly as YOU want it right from the start.


At Dovetailors, we believe our customers can be the architects of their dream kitchen with a bespoke kitchen tailor-made for them. But before you rush headlong into things, you must first draw up a plan and carefully consider the future needs of you and your family.

1. Make a wishlidesign a bespoke kitchenst – note down everything you’d expect to see in your bespoke kitchen to make sure that it works for you. Borrow ideas from other people and places and take photographs of other designs which could inspire you. Think about how many people the kitchen needs to serve on a daily basis. Also consider the occasional dinner parties and guests and how you might accommodate them. The needs of families change – there’s no point designing a huge kitchen if, in a year or two, your children are likely to flee the nest for university. Or if you have young children or are about to start a family, your bespoke kitchen might need to be a little more robust!


2. Measure the space you’ve got to work with and check that your design can be accommodated within the confines of the existing kitchen. Do you need to extend? Will the existing floor design a bespoke kitchen
support your weighty new furniture and appliances? What type of fuel is available to the property? If you’re having underfloor heating, make sure that is all sorted before the furniture comes along. As everything is made to measure for a perfect fit, it’s best to get things planned out right from the start.


3. Go ahead and design your bespoke kitchen but bear in mind the style of the rest of the house, it needs to blend in with your interior design to help the house flow. Bespoke kitchens are built to last – there’s no point creating something which follows the latest trend or fad – only to find it’s out of fashion before it’s even finished. Timeless creations work best. At Dovetailors, we can work with you to get the most out of the furniture you want – achieve your dream with the help of our excellent design team and skilled craftsmen.


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