Clever furniture solutions for small rooms

Small rooms mid-sleeper in oak with fitted drawers in stairs - Dovetailors

Small rooms don’t have to be tricky when it comes to finding the right furniture and keeping things tidy. If your home is on the cosy side or you have a room or two where nothing seems to fit properly, we have a few bright ideas to help you out.

At Dovetailors it’s our business to find solutions to furniture challenges, whether we’re working for a customer who wants something special for their home or a commercial designer who needs our help to develop a product or component.

Solutions for small bedrooms

Over the years we have helped our customers transform their box rooms into well organised, stylish and functional spaces that make the most of every centimetre available. Small bedrooms can quickly feel cluttered if there is a lot of free-standing furniture that doesn’t quite match the proportions of the room.

This happens to be an area in which we have some personal experience. One of our latest innovations was developed for our own son’s bedroom at home. Our mid sleeper range is a mix and match solution that can be tailored to absolutely any space. We make every cabin bed combination to order which means we can adapt the sizes and the styles to perfectly suit each individual room and purpose.

Take a look at our mid sleeper range.

Showing off your books and collections

Everyone collects stuff and very few of us have anywhere to put it all. Whether you want something robust to hold and display your literature collection or somewhere stylish to show off your glassware collection, finding good shelving can be quite a task.

One of the big problems with floating shelves is that they tend to bow under the pressure of too much load. This isn’t great if you’re looking for somewhere to keep your recipe books in the kitchen.

Once again, we had experienced this problem ourselves and David, our creative director (being an engineer and a passionate problem solver) set about designing a set of shelves that would look cool and minimal, take up zero floor space and hold an almighty load.

The result is our contemporary curved wall shelving. This can be made to measure and looks fabulous in Formica.

Take a look at our curved wall shelves.

Working in a small space

So many people work from home these days and, more often than not, they are relegated to the smallest room in the house – or even a corner of a room.

Most work desks on the market are not designed for small spaces. They are either too small to be useful or too large to squeeze past when you enter the room. Our approach is to design something that is tailored to the compact space available with added features to make it practical in everyday working use. We even consider things like where your computer cables will go, the angle from which you will open your desk drawers and any storage needs in or around the desk itself. After all, like it or not you’ll probably be spending quite a bit of time in this snug home office and a little bit of thought now about how you will use the space will make a big difference in the long term.

Browse our contemporary home office collection and call us to discuss any bespoke requirements.

Tailor made furniture

Small rooms can really benefit from bespoke furniture design to make the most of the space. Once we understand how you want to use the room we can come up with some ideas to help us develop some designs together.  Don’t worry if you’d rather not have fully fitted furniture in case you move home – we can create furniture that looks fully fitted but is actually free-standing and can move with you.

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