Working with the people of Newport to design a new altar for their Cathedral

December saw the culmination of months of work and an unbelievable collaboration between Dovetailors and the people of Newport, South Wales, who inspired the design for a new altar for their cathedral.

We have felt extremely privileged to have been part of this project, using our experience as specialist church furniture makers to bring their designs to fruition.

When we were first approached by the Newport Cathedral community we were inspired by their passion and strong sense of place. They had a clear vision of the design they wanted and we were able to work with them to develop this into a new altar.

What we have loved about this project is the way the people of Newport have taken ownership of it and used us as a channel for their ideas. Our role has been to advise on the calculations, functionality, structure and materials and to use our skill and manufacturing capabilities to ensure this cherished altar will serve many generations to come.

As ecclesiastical furniture specialists we understand that places of worship have a rich heritage, unique architectural features and an important role to play in their communities. This means that any new elements need to be designed with flexibility and reverence in mind. You can read more in our article How we design bespoke church furniture for modern communities.

In the case of Newport, the community was keen to incorporate the unique architectural characteristics of the cathedral. Parts of Newport Cathedral date back to the 11th Century and its Norman features include a 12th century arch with columns that are thought to date back to Roman times. The legs of the new altar are designed as arches to reflect the setting and complement the style of this beautiful building.

The altar was delivered by our dedicated team of experienced church furniture makers and was in place ready for the cathedral’s Christmas celebrations. We would like to thank the people of Newport for their involvement and contribution to the design and for choosing us to make this altar for them.