Why we love working with walnut

Walnut is one of our favourite types of wood for furniture making, partly because of its strength and stability but also because of the incredible depth of colour and natural variations. It has become a real favourite with customers who order our trestle desk legs because the rich, dark tone and swirly grain give the trestles such character and elegance, especially when combined with a glass desk top.

So, what is it about walnut that makes it such a favourite with furniture designers?

Walnut furniture is widely associated with the early 18th Century when it became highly sought after as a strong wood that was ideal for carved furniture. Looking back at furniture from the Queen Anne and early Georgian periods, heavily carved headboards, dining tables and chair legs were a real feature of the era.

Today’s minimalist furniture trend couldn’t be more different but walnut rises to the occasion perfectly. This is a wood that looks absolutely stunning when used in a sleek, mid-century modern design.

Terrace Coffee Table by HeadSprung

Another reason furniture makers like us have a soft spot for walnut is because it is such a delight to work with. It cuts and planes smoothly and is a hard, strong wood that lends itself to carving and turning.

We can’t finish without talking about the wildness of the grain. This is what makes walnut such a beautiful wood to use for very special pieces of furniture. We won’t pretend that it doesn’t present us with a few challenges when it comes to working with the wood, as we have to be very careful to make sure the pattern of the grain sits well with the design and cut.

demilune table

Most of our designs can be made using walnut and we are always happy to discuss a design concept with you. Call us on 0113 256 7376 or email info@dovetailors.co.uk