Catering for the needs of the food and drink industry

Special occasion dining is all about elegance and ease, which is why one of our latest commissions for a Leeds catering and events company was right up our street

Our bespoke design work is always focused on creating something that looks good whilst also fulfilling its practical purpose. In this case, the company EatMe DrinkMe, which specialises in weddings and events, wanted some stylish food sharing boards. Our challenge was to create something that would display the food beautifully without taking up too much space on the table.

Sharing style menus have grown in popularity for weddings and are now a firm favourite with couples who want to offer their guests incredible food in a relaxed way.

We used solid oak to create the food boards, which has a beautiful grain and a contemporary look, making it perfect for the job in hand. The boards are designed to sit raised above the table so that there is plenty of room for food and the glamorous table layout is undisturbed. The curved design helps to maximise surface area without taking up too much space and also makes it easier for a number of guests to reach the same platter.

Our CNC cutting capabilities allowed us to manufacture dozens of identical boards quickly and efficiently, hand finishing each one to seal and bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

The food sharing boards are now in regular use by EatMe DrinkMe and we think they add a touch of elegance which is perfect for a big celebration.

Our manufacturing and CNC facilities can meet the varied needs of hospitality businesses. Our design team can support restaurants, cafes, hotels and other venues with tables, chairs, accessories and bespoke furniture projects. We can help with prototyping, small batch manufacturing and design evolution.  Contact us for more information.