How we make wood components and frames for upholstered furniture

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Over the years we have developed an outstanding reputation as one of the UK’s leading wood component manufacturers for high-end upholstered furniture brands. When you think about how we started, making one-off exclusive furniture pieces for private customers (which we still do and very much enjoy), it is a natural evolution. Innovative brands need a partner who is prepared to work with them on prototypes, design, small batch production and, ultimately, larger scale manufacture. It’s a close, yet professional, relationship that demands accuracy, skill and a deep understanding of both the design journey and manufacturing process.

Then and now

As our reputation has evolved, so has our business. Anyone who has known us since the early days, when we operated from a small North Yorkshire workshop, will know just how much of a contrast our current busy Leeds manufacturing operation is. Yes we are still flexible, friendly and approachable.

To meet the needs and expectations of our commercial customers, we have invested heavily in CAD CAM technology, CNC capability (we now have three CNC machines, two of which are 5-axis) and people.


Every frame, components and piece of furniture we produce here at Dovetailors is manufactured in-house by our highly-skilled team, all experts in their field.

Those skills include (but are not limited to) design, CNC programming, machining and finishing. These talents are complemented by our production expertise, project management capabilities (this one is very important), friendly and efficient customer service and streamlined processes, all of which keep our busy workshop flowing – and our commercial clients happy.

Curved furniture and frames for upholstering

We are known in the industry for our expertise in creating frames for sofas and other upholstered furniture, particularly curved frames and components. Our Bacci CNC machine has boosted our already strong capabilities in this area, enabling us to manufacture very durable frames and components with even greater accuracy and speed. The engineering knowledge within our team and our CAD CAM design capabilities mean we can work on very innovative styles, helping our commercial customers evolve their creations and develop an efficient manufacturing process. If the design is still in its early stages, we can help with renders and digital 3D drawings to test the concept. We can then help bring products to  market by offering a small batch (low volume) run as well having the capacity to manufacture in large quantities.

Creating frames for upholstered furniture has become a key part of our business and we are very proud of the service we offer. Thanks to the machinery we have invested in and our fantastically creative team with their diverse skills, we can deliver high-end quality components for upholstering. Our aim is to help upholstered furniture brands and upcoming British designers bring their exciting new products to market, safe in the knowledge that their frames and components have been made to last with great care and expertise.

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