Helping our partners to create high-quality commercial furniture

commercial furniture

Over the past 13 years, we have worked on a wide portfolio of high-quality commercial furniture projects. Our area of expertise covers one-off exclusive furniture pieces, small batch production, component manufacture, product development and prototyping.

Our Master Craftsmen design and build exclusive pieces selecting the best combinations of technology, innovation and craftsmanship for each project. Here are just some of the ways we help our partners to create high-quality commercial furniture that is built to last.

Made with expertise

Every piece of furniture we produce here at Dovetailors is manufactured in-house by our team of highly-skilled craftsmen. Recognised as experts in their field, traditional furniture making methods are complemented by the latest furniture technologies including CNC laser cutting and computer assisted design (CAD & CAM) facilities. This allows us to push the boundaries of design to create high-end, high-quality commercial furniture for our partners.

We are known in the industry for our considerable expertise in creating curved frames for sofas and upholstery and have worked with designers at leading furniture retailers to bring their visions to life. We can manufacture the plans of designers and develop prototypes simply from sketches and drawings or from computer generated CAD files.

Most of all, our commercial partners know that from design to craftmanship, we are committed to quality and providing the right solutions.


Our imaginative approach to design can be seen through the body of work we have produced for both our domestic and commercial clients. Here at our Yorkshire workshop, we pride ourselves on our broad range of bespoke work and are always happy to adapt any pieces to fit our customers’ requirements. Quality craftsmanship underpins everything we do.


Not all our commercial partners are ready to commit to extensive prototype and product manufacture. In many cases, we support our clients by developing model designs and render them in 3-D using Rhino. We have the design skills and technology to create precise digital 3-D drawings and accurate component descriptions. So, we can help at every stage whether our partners have reached the point of commissioning a small batch production run or simply would like photographic quality renders of their design to allow them to explore market potential.

Personal service

We care about the finished product as much as our partners and always offer a highly personal service from start to completion. No matter how big or small the job, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail when it comes to creating high-quality commercial furniture and are involved every step of the way. Our materials and products are priced competitively while still retaining the quality and craftsmanship for which we are known.