Mid century inspired bow-fronted drawers

bow fronted

Curved furniture is something of a speciality of ours and we were delighted to have an opportunity to create a very elegant and contemporary bow-fronted chest of drawers recently which draws inspiration from the minimalism of the mid-century era.

Our vision was to design an uncomplicated, utilitarian piece with clean lines and simplicity. This was to be a substantial piece, of the scale often seen in Georgian furniture.  It seemed fitting, therefore, for us to introduce a bow-front element that harks back to that period. Not only does this complement the smooth lines of the piece, it has a practical element too. A square chest of the size required would have stood proud and taken up a lot of space. By introducing a bow front its proportions are far more suited to the room setting.

This bespoke project was created in close collaboration with our customer who wanted a workhouse piece of storage with a very graceful appearance. We always like to team practicality with beautiful design and we were delighted to help evolve these initial ideas into something robust and stylish.

The sheer joy of opening weighty drawers set on soft-close runners cannot be underestimated. This piece of furniture is a pleasure to use and has been carefully designed to feel as beautiful as it looks. We crafted five drawers, each with solid oak interior.

A particular feature is the bespoke handles which we designed specifically for this piece and which are crafted in solid walnut.

The completed chest was hand finished in oil.

As well as designing and making this chest of drawers, we also made a pair of matching bedside tables to complete the look. The entire effect is calming and sophisticated.

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