Adding design flair to your office furniture

Interior design is all about adding personality to a room scheme and that includes office spaces. With so many of us getting used to hybrid working, where we have plenty of home comforts to hand for at least part of the week, commercial offices are upping their game to give workplace days more appeal.

Here at Dovetailors we have a long tradition (right back to 2005 when we opened our very first workshop) of creating bespoke furniture for use at home and at work. We understand the importance of making furniture that does its job well, feels good to use and earns its spot in the room.

Below we’ve shared some of our ideas for personalising your office environment and adding some design flair that will make your team look forward to days when they’re not working from home.

Choose elements that can be adapted to add style

A perfect example of this is our hugely popular wooden trestle legs which we have made for customers all over the UK. We’ve just had a repeat order for an office in Manchester where the customer has added their own table top to our trestle legs, which have been custom made to suit the size of the desk and the style of the room.

Wooden trestle legs can be made from oak, walnut or sepele. We make them to order so we can work out exactly what size you need for your space. They can be used on any size of desk and even corner desks. Tops can be added in glass, wood or any other material. It’s the perfect way to create a contemporary look in the office with a personal touch.

Plan for collaboration

One of the benefits of working from the office is that it makes teamworking easier. With that in mind, creating a space for collaboration makes sense.

Some comfy sofas, side tables or a raised bar area with stools can create a coffee shop vibe that encourages conversation and the sharing of ideas.

Some of the kitchen diner solutions we’ve created for family homes, like the one pictured above, would adapt really nicely for an office environment. By experimenting with different colours and layouts you can create something pretty unique for your colleagues to gather round to eat, chat and inspire one another.

One big table


Seating everyone on one huge table in a large open plan space is another great way of injecting some fun and cooperation in the workplace.

One of our recent collaborations with British furniture designer Ric Frampton is this Art Deco inspired extending dining table which can be made to measure and seats up to 12 people. It’s available in oak or American Black Walnut and has a unique stepped design which gives it character without detracting from its simplicity.

If you have ideas for adding design flair to your workspace and need someone to bring them to reality, we have our own in house design team, CAD technology and on site manufacturing and CNC facility. Why not give us a call on 0113 2567376?