Our Incredible Travelling Trestles

Ever since we started selling our elegant custom made trestle legs we have had enquiries from far and wide. From corner executive desks in Newcastle to extra large double desks in London, trestles have been heading out of the workshop in all sorts of directions and in many different sizes.

Recently though, one of our pairs of wooden trestle legs broke all records and began its long journey from Leeds to the Caribbean. We made them to order for a customer in London who was moving and needed them delivering before his container set sail.

Over the summer we have also sent trestles to both sides of the Pennines, with some going to a customer in Lancashire and others going to one in Harrogate.

One of the reasons our trestle legs are so popular is because they are easy to customise. We provide the legs and customers can then add a table top to suit their style. Usually they choose glass, which allows the warmth and grain of the wooden legs to take centre stage.

People sometimes don’t realise how much customisation goes into the legs, depending on the size and shape of desk they are for. We have perfected our calculation process so that we can quickly work out what size the trestles need to be to support each specific desk top. Thanks to these calculations, we can make legs for non-standard desks such as corner desks and large work desks. We can also make adjustable height trestle legs.

There are three different woods to choose from. Oak is still one of the most popular and it fits well with most contemporary styles. It’s particularly popular for home offices, where it complements muted interior schemes. Having said that, walnut is becoming increasingly popular with the rise of the mid century modern look. It’s also a favourite for communal workspaces where the combination of walnut and glass can look very striking. We also receive a lot of requests for trestle legs made using sapele which is another very elegant hardwood. Sometimes customers like to combine oak and walnut or oak and sapele.

We finish our trestle legs with oil which allows the wood to breathe and brings out its natural beauty. It also makes the legs very hardwearing which is essential in both a workplace or home.

We love receiving photos from our customers of our trestle legs in their new homes. Here are just a few. We hope to be able to add one from the Caribbean to our collection very soon!

glass top desk with wooden trestle legs
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