Where does our waste wood go?

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Sustainability is hugely important to us here at Dovetailors which is why we are really proud to work with Leeds Wood Recycling CIC, a social enterprise that collects and reuses waste wood.

Over the past year this partnership has diverted 35 yards of wood from landfill and saved 9 tonnes of CO2. What’s really special about being involved with Leeds Wood Recycling is the fact that we are also helping to create jobs and training for disadvantaged people.

We make a conscious effort to generate as little waste as possible in the workshop but when we do have offcuts that can’t be used elsewhere, Leeds Wood Recycling picks it up and takes it back to their warehouse. Their staff, volunteers and trainees process the wood for all sorts of different uses.

This fantastic social enterprise has trained 105 people in the past year, teaching them skills such as sanding, cutting and sorting. Last year they launched their own wood shop where members of the public can go to buy reclaimed wood and seek help with cutting and routering wood for projects. The shop now accepts commissions and has made TV stands, home and office furniture, bin covers and garden items.

Another great initiative by Leeds Wood Recycling is its woodwork training programme, which it runs in association with Leeds Community Foundation. Last year 36 people completed the National Community Wood Recycling Project Training programme, a nationally accredited qualification which is designed to gives students a thorough  understanding of the timber and recycling industry. Skills such as design, construction and use of power and hand tools are part of the course, which is aimed at all age groups and strives to combat isolation and loneliness.

Leeds Wood Recycling is about so much more than reusing waste wood, it is about building communities, teaching employment skills and improving confidence. Find out more here: https://www.leedswoodrecycling.co.uk