Dovetailors Becomes FSC® Certified

FSC Certified

Ethical sourcing and sustainable design have always been important to us so we are delighted to now be FSC® certified.

FSC certification is significant not just for us but for the companies we supply as part of a robust Chain of Custody.

We work with many furniture manufacturers, product developers and other businesses to design and manufacture components and many of them are required or prefer to use FSC certified suppliers to support their own quality and sustainability objectives.

Manufacturers and designers who are FSC certified themselves can now use Dovetailors with confidence, knowing that our commitment to responsible timber sourcing has been formally endorsed.

The certification is good news for our retail customers too, many of whom care deeply about the quality and provenance of the forestry products we use.

If you would like to know more about our component manufacturing, which is a large part of our business alongside bespoke furniture design, please get in touch. We are also happy to talk in detail with our customers and commercial clients about the timber products we use and how we source them.

Precision Furniture Components

As an FSC Certified  manufacturer of precision components Dovetailors integrates seamlessly with our customer’s products.

We help businesses create digital component CAD files that can be used to specify and outsource components. We have extensive experience in specialist batch production of furniture components.

Precision components can be manufactured in solid or veneered wood, or composite ply.

FSC trademark licence number ‘FSC® C007915’