Creating a design statement with bespoke wooden mirrors

bespoke wooden mirrors

Mirrors have long been a favourite accessory of interior designers for giving an illusion of light and space. Bespoke wooden mirrors are also a great way of making a design statement and we enjoy working with our customers to create something unique bespoke wooden mirrors art deco mirrorfor their home.

We have also developed a capsule range of mirrors which can be bought on our website.

One of our bestsellers is our Art Deco mirror, which we have made in various sizes, woods and finishes for different customers. Its clean lines and elegant styling make it suitable for both modern and traditional settings and the design works well when scaled up or down.

The Dovetailors design team always has practicality in mind and one of our other popular mirror products is our Cavetto hall mirror which has a handy built in tray. It’s the perfect place to drop your keys or store your lipstick ready for a quick top up before leaving the house. bespoke wooden mirrors triangle mirror

The Cavetto style itself has proved to be quite a favourite and it isn’t difficult to see why. People choose Dovetailors because they want to be inspired. They are looking for something that will add individuality to their homes and perhaps become a bit of a talking point with guests. The Cavetto mirror is one of those rare items that captivates and fascinates people and the fact that it can be tailored to suit a specific style or to work with the dimensions of a particular room means it will work in almost every setting.

We have made the Cavetto in several different woods including oak, walnut and cherry. Its appearance alters depending on the chosen wood and finish and the tapered curved moulding draws the eye to the reflected image. Rectangle mirror

One of the most rewarding parts of our job is designing something that works functionally for a customer whilst also bringing to life their dreams and ideas. Mirrors are practical by nature and with some careful thought and skilled craftsmanship a bespoke wooden mirror can add interest, personality and flair to any interior space.

If you’d like to discuss adapting one of our mirror designs for your space or even creating your own unique design statement with a bespoke wooden mirror call us on 0113 2567376.