Choir Stalls for Wakefield Cathedral

Carved inscriptions on choir stall for wakefield cathedral

LoRes_B-02550Following our work to build a new altar and ambo for Wakefield Cathedral, we are delighted to be working with the cathedral team once again to create some new choir stalls.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our collaboratively role with the cathedral community over the past couple of years and are very proud to be working with them again on this latest commission.

The design and making of the choir stalls is a complex project and one that has challenged and interested us in equal measure. We approach all our work from a problem solving perspective, looking at the needs of the end user and the aesthetics, and this is a hugely satisfying process that requires excellent dialogue with the customer.

As with our original work in designing the altar and ambo, we are extremely sensitive to the fact that these choir stalls will have a solemn purpose and will serve the community for many generations to come. They will reflect the same character and warmth as the other pieces we have made for the cathedral and will be an intrinsic part of the building’s personality and future heritage.

We have extended an open invitation to the cathedral community to come and visit our showroom to see the choir stalls in progress. The project is now at a stage where visitors can see the furniture starting to take shape and begin to visualise how the stalls will look when they are complete.

Due to their size, the finished choir stalls will be hand finished and oiled in our showroom, which runs alongside the workshop. If you are in the area over the coming weeks please feel free to call into the shop and see these beautiful pieces of furniture taking shape.