Bauhaus Style Fitted Furniture Project Begins

This year marks 100 years of Bauhaus and we are delighted to be marking the occasion with our own Bauhaus inspired fitted living room furniture project for a longstanding customer.

In 1919 when Bauhaus emerged, electricity and industrialisation were revolutionising everyday lives. Whereas many in the world of art and design saw progress as a threat to their traditional skills, the Bauhaus embraced the opportunities it offered.

Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus art school, believed that the functionality of an industrial world could be enhanced by design and that beauty would emerge from a design that functioned well.

This union of form and function has always been at the heart of our own business here at Dovetailors and is an element of the Bauhaus movement that we really value and understand. First and foremost, a piece of furniture must do the job it is intended for and once that purpose has been defined, the aesthetics can take centre stage.

One of our latest projects takes its inspiration from the Bauhaus and we are enjoying working with a customer who appreciates as much as we do the fact that design encompasses both the practical and the visual. Some years ago we designed a very striking kitchen for the same customer, incorporating an unusual wave pattern which flowed across the door fronts. The result was visually stunning and behind every door was a meticulously planned kitchen with plenty of storage and features to make life as easy as possible.

This latest project is a real feat of engineering and our focus at the moment is very much on making it work well. Without giving too many details away, it includes a media unit with capacity for a large TV screen that can be moved into full view or hidden completely from sight. The Bauhaus inspired style will be minimalist and geometric with marquetry to give it a distinctive and highly personal look.

We look forward to sharing more news on our Bauhaus inspired fitted living room in the coming months.

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