5 Beautiful Minimalist Open Shelving Ideas

Terrace wall shelf in oak (long) by HeadSprung!

Storage trends have shifted in the 2020s with many more homes now designing spaces with open shelving in place of wall cupboards to create a light and airy look.

If you have been reluctant to put your clutter on display, we’re here to convince you that shelves can look chic.

Before we get onto the topic of what to put on your shelves, we’ve picked some of our best-selling designs from British designers.

Wall-mounted shelves that can hold the weight of an entire library of books

If you’ve been collecting recipe books since Delia Smith first launched her famous Cookery Course you’re likely to have a fairly weighty collection by now. You may have dabbled with floating shelves, only to find them leaning precariously within a few months. These Ellipse shelves were originally designed by our creative director David for a customer who wanted super strong wall-mounted shelving that wouldn’t fail even when it was fully loaded. David solved the problem by engineering a curved shape and using mortice and tenon jointing to give them unbelievable core strength.

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Terraced alternative to flat shelving

curved shelf Terrace Shelving

Shelves don’t have to be flat as our incredibly stylish Terraced Curved Shelf proves. Designed by British design house Headsprung! and manufactured in the Dovetailors workshop, these shelves take their inspiration from the terraced farming slopes of the Far East and South America giving you a unique way to display home accessories at different levels on the same surface.

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Home office shelving

Home office shelving has become something of an interior design essential during the pandemic. Although our wall-mounted home office can be designed with or without open shelves, we’re finding that the open sections are really popular. With so many wonderfully bright and colourful box files now available, open shelves can still look good even when they’re used to store paperwork. For the paperless office, they can be used to accommodate plants, ornaments and other personal items that help to make your home office your own.

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Made to measure oak wall shelving

bespoke tv stand and wall shelves

It can be difficult to find shelves that are exactly the right size, shape and material for the space you have available, which is why we’re often asked to make something bespoke. This oak TV stand with matching wall shelves was a custom product made to a customer’s very specific design requirements. As this case study proves, we can solve any shelving challenge.

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Furniture with shelving

Shelving doesn’t have to be wall mounted – we can build it into furniture for a space-saving storage solution. This corner desk in oak has open shelving on one side, making the most of the space available and keeping useful objects close at hand during the working day.

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When it comes to deciding how to use your shelves, everyone has their own preferences. We build in the capability to hold lots of stuff to give you the choice but you might want to use your shelves to display your favourite glassware, a collection of favourite family photos of even your beloved teapot collection. Whatever you decide to use them for, it will be the things you choose to display that will bring them to life and make them an essential part of your home.