Rethinking your office space for a return to work

Solid Hardwood stacking chair in oak set at desk

A lot has changed in the world of work over the past 12 months. As many businesses start to think about a return to the office, they may also be wondering how to use the space differently.

Flexible working

The pandemic forced us to fast forward plans for more flexible working. Now we’ve tried it, remote working is likely to become a way of life for many employees for at least part of their week. With fewer staff in the office, this is the ideal time to rethink how the space is used.


The pandemic has given us all time to think more about wellbeing, both at home and at work. Bosses want their workplaces to be pleasant environments with plenty of room between desks to reduce the spread of illness and plants to promote a sense of positivity. A well-designed office inspires staff to think creatively and feel good, which in turn boosts productivity.


With Cop26 looming and more focus than ever on reducing our impact on the environment, workplace design needs to be sustainable. Businesses are likely to invest in well-made furniture that will last and think about using natural , sustainable materials wherever possible.

Company culture

With future workers likely to be based between the home and office, modern offices need dedicated space for teams to come together and collaborate. This may mean incorporating amenity spaces and break-out areas, particularly if you need less floorspace for desks and have the opportunity to rethink the layout. This will mean that when your staff do work from the office, they are making the most of the chance to share ideas and inspire one another.

How we can help

We design office furniture that is perfectly suited to new ways of working. Whatever your needs, we can design the perfect solution.

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