Bespoke Fitted Bedroom with Wave Design

We created this wave bespoke fitted bedroom for two wonderfully creative people. They took inspiration from our wave design bespoke kitchens, and wanted a wave motif to run through their new bedroom theme.

Tags: bedroom / bespoke / design / dovetailors / wardrobs / wave
Bespoke Fitted bedroom wardrobe with wave design
ideal fitted bedroom
Bespoke Fitted bedroom wardrobe with wave design
ideal fitted bedroom
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Project Brief

Our brief was to create a wrap around design stretching across their bedroom furniture configuration. We also needed to provide a wardrobe interior combination which would be both cost effective and highly practical.

Wave bespoke fitted bedroom challenge

Both our customers are creative people and were keen to have the wave motif running throughout correctly. So we did what we usually do with our customers, we worked at it until we got it right. We produced many design variations for which we produced photo-real 3D visual renders using our graphic software. We were able to modify the design from feedback from our customers either by email, or face-to-face directly in the design itself.

“when a design is this special and intricate it is worth taking the time to produce realistic photo like visuals so that we can take in the full impact of the design – helping our customers achieve their vision is what we are all about.”

David Wilson, Creative Director, Dovetailors Ltd

Project Details

The suite comprises a set of fitted wardrobes, 2 chest of drawers and 2 bedside cabinets. The set of wardrobes has a mix of hangers, drawers and shelves. To help with focusing on the wave design the drawers are set onto concealed runners and the doors have concealed hinges. We helped our customers chose the wardrobe interior accessories (tie rack, adjustable shelves etc..) that best suit them. The wave motif wraps around each item of bedroom furniture. It is constructed in thick cut constructional veneer in maple, burr oak, oak walnut in different thicknesses in order to reinforce the 3D effect. The whole suite is finished in natural oil that is strong, resistant and easy to maintain. We built the entire bedroom in our workshop in Farsley, Leeds and put it together on site.

Bespoke Design

Complete bespoke design components:

  • Bespoke wardrobe interior mixing drawers and shelves.
  • Mix of wardrobe accessories to suit our customer
  • Push to open doors for a clean line look
  • Oiled for easy maintenance
  • Beautiful matching upholstered chairs by Liz Foster designs