How to maximise space in a small bedroom

Small bedrooms really don’t need to feel cramped or cluttered. With careful planning, even the snuggest box room can be a tranquil sleep retreat.

Over the years we have developed solutions for rooms of all sizes and shapes. Here are some of our top picks and tips for bedrooms that are a bit tight on space.

Clear the floor

dovetailors oak elliptical wall mounted shelf

Floating shelves leave the floor clear, giving the illusion of space. They make the most of the wall surface to store and display toys, books, lighting, collectables or even a soothing arrangement of plants, art and candles.  Our Curved Wall Shelves have been designed to hold an extraordinary amount of weight which means they won’t bow to pressure, no matter how big your book collection.

Go bespoke

Furniture doesn’t have to be fully built in to make the best use of the space. Our Cabin Bed design was originally developed by our creative director for his own son’s bedroom to maximise storage without creating a fitted solution. The cabin bed is made to measure but all the elements are freestanding, which means they can easily be moved to another room or even another house.

Fold it away

Whether it’s for homework, crafts or working from home, even a small bedroom can include a bit of workspace. Our Wall Mounted Desk is another design that was developed to solve a real life problem by creating a workstation in a multi-use room. The wall-mounted desk can be made to measure for any space, folds away neatly and has useful storage above.


Mirror, mirror

A mirror is a practical addition to any bedroom and a mirror with a built in tray is particularly useful for keeping jewellery and accessories close to hand. Our Cavetto Mirror was originally designed for a hallway, with a handy shelf for keys. We think it would work brilliantly in a small bedroom too.

If you’d like to talk about how to make the most of a small space with bespoke furniture, get in touch with our design team on 0113 2567376.