Designing a good quality desk for your home office

Corner desk

Since we’ve been back in the workshop after lockdown we have been busy with some exciting home office projects, designing sturdy, stylish and functional desks that are perfectly proportioned for whatever space our customers have managed to set aside for home working.

Our minimalist oak corner desk has proved to be one of our most popular designs and we are enjoying adapting it to suit each person’s specific requirements.

This is a beautiful desk which can be customised in many different ways. Its apparent simplicity disguises a well thought out design with concealed oak push-to-open drawers.

We know how much use the average office desk gets and for this reason the top surface is made of thick cut oak veneer so that it is extra sturdy. If it does ever need restoring, it can withstand being sanded and refinished several times without any problem.

Corner desks are a practical study solution that can suit pretty much any room. The dimensions can be tweaked to fit and there is lots of surface area to spread out on, not to mention plenty of storage beneath.

We hand finish our oak corner desk in oil, which we find adds warmth and brings out the grain. It’s also super resilient, which means you can let the kids share your desk to do their homework without worrying –  we know how important that is during these times of home schooling.

If you’re interested in our corner desk or would like to talk about how we can adapt it for your home office, please email us at or call our workshop on 0113 256 7376.

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