Made to Measure Desks and Home Offices

tilt glass top trestle desk

With so many people now working from home, the demand for good quality made to measure desks has never been greater. Your home office may be in its own separate room, or it could be in a corner of the lounge, kitchen, bedroom or even a landing.

When a desk is such an integral part of your home interiors, if it’s oversized or undersized it will stand out for all the wrong reasons. Plus, having a desk custom made makes maximum use of the space available and allows you to customise the layout, for example how many drawers and on which side.

Custom design

A desk that’s made to measure can include storage or other features bespoke to you that can help you work more comfortably and effectively. We can tailor the wood, add a glass top or discuss different materials and colours, such as the use of Formica. We can even design something from scratch for you.

Off the shelf product, made to measure

Every product we well is made to order in our own workshop which allows us to adjust the measurements to our customer’s specifications without too much trouble. If you have seen one of our desk designs, like the Desk One in walnut and Formica, you can get in touch to discuss your ideal measurements before placing your order.


Take our tilt top trestle desk as an example. They are specifically designed to make your workspace more ergonomic, combining minimalist design with a custom-made tilting top.  It’s a contemporary piece of furniture in its own right but it’s also a flexible, practical desk.


Here at Dovetailors, we love creating beautiful furniture that functions well. We have a selection of designs available in our online shop, which can be adapted by changing the material, size and finish. We also have lots of ideas of our own which might suit your vision for your home office. If you have an idea of your own, let us work with you to bring it to life.

Home office

We don’t just make desks – we can design a fully fitted home office for all sizes and shapes of rooms. We have designed imaginative solutions for attics, bedrooms and studies. No challenge is too large or small.

To find out more about our Ready to Order desks, made to measure ands custom made home office furniture call us on 0113 2567376.