Bespoke Circular Dining Table for London Home

We are currently working on a contemporary bespoke circular dining table that is being designed around a piece of antique marble.

The family came to us because they were looking for a furniture maker who could take on any challenge and come up with creative ideas that would make the most of the beautiful section of marble that they were keen to use in the design.

The table will be a feature in their London home and will be a real labour of love for both them and us.

How we have worked on a solution

bespoke circular dining tableOne of their requirements was to add storage wherever possible and as soon as I saw the piece of marble for myself I came up with the ideal solution.

The design is a pentagon shape in oak with five pivot drawers. The drawers are concealed and can be pulled out from underneath. They can also pivot all the way out for complete access to the contents.

The drawers are ideal for storing items such as cutlery, place mats or card games – the kinds of things that need to be within easy reach of any large family table.

Another potential idea is to convert the pedestal in the centre to a cupboard to store less frequently used items such as festive or seasonal tableware.

The bespoke circular dining table design is shown here in oak but we could make it in any timber to suit personal taste and colour scheme.

How our design and commissioning process works

This design project demonstrates how we work with customers in the early stages, listening to all the things they’d like to have in their perfect piece of furniture but haven’t been able to find on the high street or online.

bespoke circular dining tableOnce we have our ideas we present them to our customer as high-resolution computer rendered images, like the pictures shown here. These give the prospective customer an accurate impression of the finished item of furniture.

Up to this point there is no obligation and no cost.

From this point we can also give an accurate price with options although there is still plenty of scope for evolving the design once a customer decides to go ahead. Redesigns, design changes, simplifications or enhancements can and do continue right up to the point of construction and even sometimes right up to the point of completion.

The result is a piece that our customer can be proud of because they have had enormous input themselves. It will be a piece that matches their exact requirements and looks exactly as they wanted and hoped.

If you’d like to discuss a project without obligation please give me a call on 0113 256 7376 or email