Clever storage and furniture ideas for small bedrooms

cabin bed

Just picture a small bedroom that’s free of clutter and where everything has its rightful place. It might be hard for some of us to imagine but with clever storage and careful planning, it really is within reach. A small bedroom doesn’t have to feel tiny and cramped but can be transformed into a space that’s stylish, functional and comfortable too.

Here at Dovetailors, we are experts when it comes to designing clever storage solutions and furniture for small bedrooms that not only looks great but is built to last.

Need some inspiration?

The secret to success when it comes to maximising the full potential of a small bedroom is planning. Our designers have recently created an innovative and imaginative solution that ticks all the boxes.

The stylish mid-sleeper cabin bed with integrated built-in storage is ideal for small bedrooms or where space may be limited such as in an attic room or loft conversion.

The imaginative design includes a wardrobe with shelves and hanger options, two cupboards, soft close drawers and fitted steps.

Created with a fitted furniture look in mind, the bed and cupboard are in fact freestanding, so they can be moved relatively easily or modified if you move to a new home.

The flexible small bedroom furniture in this range can be adapted to suit changing needs. Clever use of space means there is somewhere comfortable to sleep but also plenty of storage for clothes, toys, books, hobby items, computers and technology.

And it’s not only suitable for children and teenagers; it’s robust enough to be used as an adult cabin bed.

Finished with care

Attention to detail is something we never take for granted at Dovetailors and this range of furniture is crafted with care by our team of master craftsmen at our Yorkshire workshop. Made from solid oak and birch, the mid-sleeper bed and wardrobe is robust enough to withstand family life for many years to come.

If space is especially tight or the room is an awkward shape, we can adapt this design to suit your specific space. For example, we can add drawers to your wardrobe or create a pull-out desk for home study or work.

Find out more about how we designed a bespoke mid-sleeper cabin bed to help one of customers reclaim and transform the smallest room in their home.

Contact us if you need help with clever storage and furniture solutions for your small bedroom and tell us about your project.