Five steps to create the perfect fitted bathroom

perfect bathroom

It’s fair to say the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home after the kitchen. Many people are renovating this space with relaxation and pampering in mind whilst others have practical family needs to consider. Whatever the reasons, there are a few valuable tips to consider when it comes to designing the perfect bathroom.

Here are 5 steps to think about:

1. Layout

There are plenty of bathroom shops to choose from, but many will have ready-made fitted products and cabinets that can’t be adapted very easily. All our bathroom furniture is bespoke and hand-made, so we can fit out the space to your exact requirements. Not only does this mean you can achieve a perfect layout, you will get a high-quality and lasting finish. Our creative designers at Dovetailors are experts at maximising space so every inch is used to its full potential.

2. Style

Choosing the style of your new bathroom is one of the most imaginative and fun parts of any project. Our designers can help you to develop striking and unique designs that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Before getting started, look for inspiration and think about whether you want a period, modern, contemporary or country style. One of our creative customers asked for a stunning, curved bathroom cabinet and mirrors to add drama to their small bathroom.

3. Storage

A bathroom can accumulate a huge amount of clutter all too easily. Tubes of toothpaste and toiletries scattered across the surfaces don’t make for a good look. Ample storage is key for creating a crisp, clean and functional space and our designers can help with clever solutions, even in the smallest of bathrooms. We can create fitted furniture that’s tailored to suit the space and a few of the options to consider include cabinets under the sink, bespoke shelving and made to measure bathroom linen cupboards. All our fitted furniture is handcrafted in our Yorkshire workshop using traditional and modern techniques, and we only use the finest materials.

4. Special features

When renovating your bathroom, it’s worth considering any special features you would like to include to add some wow factor and achieve something truly special. It might be curved cabinets, a bold mirror design or a hand-painted linen cupboard. Our creative designers can help you visualise the scheme by drawing up detailed 3D designs.

5. Finish

The overall look and finish is key when it comes to designing the perfect bathroom.  Condensation can damage some woods over time and we can advise on the best materials, so your bathroom will look fabulous for years to come. All our fitted furniture for bathrooms is engineered to an extremely high spec and we never overlook the small details.