Why we love our wall mounted home office desk

Like everyone else this year, we have been struggling to find a corner in our busy family house for a home office desk – so David designed one for our kitchen and we love it.

Overnight our kitchen became a workspace, school and all-day café and although there was very little space available, we desperately needed a neat workstation for a computer and important paperwork.

We are quite fussy about how our kitchen looks so the wall mounted desk had to be attractive, unobtrusive and to blend in with the style of our cabinets. It also had to fit the space, making the most of the width and height of the small space available.

As with all the furniture we make, functionality was key and we designed in plenty of storage space. The desk folds away when not in use, keeping everything looking tidy and protected from passing children and sticky fingers.

Our wall mounted home office is so practical and easy to use, allowing us to keep an eye on the kids while we’re working. We can step in and out of work without having to pack everything away. It’s the perfect solution when space is scarce but style is important.

The desk has been such a success for us that we are now making made to measure versions for customers who need a smart wall mounted desk with lots of shelving and storage built in to keep everything in one place without work taking over the house.

We used plywood and Forbo lino in pewter for the grey surfaces, which is very tactile and easy to clean. It gives a lovely contrast with the plywood.

The desk front pulls out and slides-in to open and works in reverse to close. No fancy mechanism, just a simple, solid design.

Home working is here to stay and it makes sense to do it in style. If you’d like a super useful work corner in your home, give us a call on 0113 2567376 to discuss your dimensions. We’re pretty sure you’ll love this desk design as much as we do.