Unique and bold kitchen design ideas

bold kitchen design

Over the years, we have worked on some bold kitchen design ideas for our customers.

Many of them, like the contemporary wave kitchens we have built, are very unique in style and reflect each customer’s individuality.

There are plenty of kitchen companies but people come to us when they want something original that just doesn’t exist anywhere else. That could be a particular look or style or a specific functionality.

We can incorporate any design no matter how unusual and offer a personal bespoke service, so our customers are involved every step of the way.

After all, buying a bespoke kitchen is a big investment for anybody so it’s essential the style reflects your vision, works on a functional level but most importantly looks great too.

Go bespoke

All our kitchens are engineered to an extremely high spec and built from scratch by our Master Craftsmen at our Yorkshire workshop.

Handcrafted with precision, we have a wide portfolio of original designs to give you inspiration such as this elegant Art Deco kitchen created to complement our customers 1930’s house.

From cool, classic white kitchens to high gloss modern interiors, contemporary, minimalist and industrial, we have a different perspective when it comes to developing our designs.

Essentially, we can tailor the space to create a kitchen you will enjoy for years to come and we never overlook the small details.

Special features

We’d always advise our clients to think carefully about what look they are aiming to achieve before getting started and we can help, of course, by drawing up detailed 3D designs to help with visualising the scheme.

Introducing points of difference in texture and feel are important to break up the design and contrasting work tops are often a good way to achieve this not to mention introducing a colour palette that complements the overall style.

Many of our customers are keen to introduce a kitchen island and, if the space allows, this is something we would recommend.

They are not only incredibly useful on a practical level but also socially and they look impressive too from the moment you enter the room.

An island is a point of focus and can incorporate lots of useful storage space including shelving and bespoke drawers or a sink, dishwasher or an integrated hob.

But perhaps most importantly, it’s the social aspect allowing you to include seating space that guests will be sure to find inviting whether they are popping round for a coffee or a dinner party.

For a unique and bold kitchen design, we would suggest including an island for the reasons outlined above but also because it’s a great way to bring a sense of style and vibe into the space.

Why choose us?

It may be a cliché to say the kitchen is the heart of the home but when it comes to modern living it really is a fact.

Here at Dovetailors, our unique and bold designs are like no other, will stand out from the crowd and are hand built only with the very best materials.

It’s fair to say we have a different perspective to other kitchen design companies so if you are looking for something truly original and designed just for you… get in touch.

Visit our workshop or make an appointment with our creative designers to talk about your project.