Stacking chairs for public buildings   

Solid Hardwood stacking chair in oak - stacked

A lot of our work for ecclesiastical and community buildings now involves making furniture that supports the flexible use of space. One of our latest designs that fits this purpose perfectly is our new curved stacking chair.  

The curved chair design was created by our principal designer, Charlotte. The first commercial order based on her design came from Wakefield Cathedral, where we had already made a mobile altar and ambo so that the worshipping space could be used for a wider variety of community events.  

Most of us will have memories of plastic stacking chairs from childhood, whether from school or the local church hall. The advantage of investing in stacking chairs like those we are making for Wakefield Cathedral are that they are built for comfort and to endure use over many generations.  

Our stacking chairs are available in oak and walnut. The texture and grain of the natural wood enhances the surroundings and we can evolve the design to suit the architectural features of the building and any other key pieces of furniture within in. This is important because many public buildings have a rich architectural heritage and need to sympathetically evolve their space for modern use.  

We are fortunate enough to have worked closely with parish churches, monasteries, schools, universities, cathedrals and other public places where everything, down to the chairs, has significance. We have a deep understanding of how furniture must be engineered for these spaces and the precision and care that are required to meet the needs of the setting.  

If you are looking for substantially made and sympathetically designed stacking chairs for a public building, we would be happy to discuss your project. Call 0113 256 7376.  

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