How to add some 1970s style to your home

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Seventies style is back in fashion and there are some exciting new interpretations of furniture and interiors inspired by that golden era of bold patterned wallpaper, lava lamps and lacquered furniture.

It was a decade when wood furniture became increasingly popular. Natural textures, wood paneling and exposed brickwork – all classic features of the 1970s style home – are back in vogue, albeit without the chocolate shag-pile carpet or macramé hanging basket complete with spider plant.

Today’s 1970s style inspired interiors have a softer feel and offer plenty of opportunity for individuality.

Retro storage

 Painted Ellipse Wall Shelf

Modern storage can be just as neat and practical now as it was in the seventies. Our oak elliptical shelf takes the principal of minimalist shelving to new heights thanks to the use of modern computer technology, which has allowed us to push the boundaries of design. The use of distinctive oak veneered birch ply gives warmth and texture, qualities that would have been right at home in the 1970s.


Veneered furniture

 Desk One Formica and walnut desk

Colour was everywhere in the 1970s home – all over the walls, the floors and the curtains. We prefer a slightly more subtle style that captures the mood of the era without being overwhelming. Our minimalist Desk One uses birch ply with either a wood veneer or coloured Formica finish. Solid timber legs and front lipping create a solid piece of furniture that is built to last.


Simple design

oak and burr oak console table

Simplicity of design characterised 70s furniture. Straight edges and unembellished table legs were a refreshing departure from the elaborate pieces of past generations. Our oak and burr console table is typical of the clean lines and deceptively simple styling of the decade and looks just as good today.