How good product design and development helps growth

bespoke product design and furniture components

New product design is not just an important part of business success, the two are inseparable. This is one reason why we are so passionate about helping companies achieve innovation and we have a number of longstanding clients who prove that there is a direct correlation between investing time and energy in good design and enjoying strong and sustainable growth.

An insight into one of our design success stories

Several years ago we were approached by a small events company that asked us to help them create a furniture product that could be hired out for functions. This was a new line of business for the company and we were able to help them in a number of ways.

Firstly, we worked with them on product design. As Steve Jobs once famously said, “design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves which is why functionality is key to any design work we undertake.

Our Leeds workshop is one of the few places in the North of England where entrepreneurs can come for help to create prototypes and small batch production of new product ideas. We initially worked with the events company to make one-off products which they were then able to visualise and test.

Once the design was finalised we were able to go into full production using our in-house furniture making skills and on site CNC technology. We were still working on small batches at this stage in order to provide them with the items they needed to start generating business whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

Since those early days, the business has grown to become a nationally recognised brand. We have been able to scale up production to meet demand and have helped them with new product designs to ensure they continue to win new customers and achieve their growth potential.

Business partnerships

This product design and development success story is a perfect example of how we help businesses grow through practical partnership. During the design process we really get to know the business and gain a sense of their objectives and the market they will be operating in. As a small company ourselves we are able to adapt our systems and processes to meet the needs of our commercial partners and this flexibility is crucial for product developers that are in the early stages of their enterprise.

Communication is another important element of the relationship and we maintain regular contact throughout the design and development process to make sure we are all heading in the same direction.

Product design and development is one of our favourite areas of business. We love sharing the excitement, challenges and successes involved in taking new products to market and finding different ways to win business and spark growth. We plan to continue investing in our team, resources and technology to support entrepreneurial businesses and help them achieve the success they deserve.

If you have a product design project you would like to discuss with us contact us on 0113 256 7376.