How to find a good kitchen designer who gets your style

good kitchen designer

So many people who come to us for a new kitchen have had real trouble finding a good kitchen designer who understands their style. Some customers have even considered remodeling their existing kitchen as a temporary measure because they haven’t been able to find anyone who really gets what they’re trying to achieve

The problem seems to be that many so-called bespoke kitchen designers are not manufacturers or fitters, they’re retailers. They have a standard range of cupboards and accessories with a number of “bespoke” options for customers to choose from. And because they are not involved in making the kitchens themselves they cannot accommodate very specific requests, such as designing around awkward room features.

Back to basics: Designing a kitchen from scratch

good kitchen designerWe differ greatly from the many luxury kitchen companies on the high street. We make all our kitchens from scratch, which means we can also design them from scratch. We literally have a blank canvas to create whatever our customers want and need.

If you’ve seen a kitchen style that you like but haven’t been able to find a designer kitchen company that understands what you’re trying to achieve, we can help you pull together a design that not only gives you the style you’re looking for but also fits your budget. There are a number of things we can do when choosing materials and planning the manufacturing process that will help you manage the overall cost.

Most kitchen projects come with challenges. It might be an awkward space, a feature of the room that can’t be removed or a personal need to include a feature such as a kitchen island or wine cellar. Luxury kitchen companies tend to work to certain guidelines that inhibit freedom of design and this might result in you being told that you can’t have all the features you want. In contrast, we love a challenge and will use our engineering expertise to design solutions that give you exactly what you want. That means no more compromises and no need to put up with a kitchen that’s almost what you want but not quite.

When can we get started?

good kitchen designerIf you’ve been having trouble finding a kitchen designer who gets your style and understands your needs it’s time we had a chat. We can get started straight away on a design and we’ll have your dream kitchen planned and built in no time.

If you’re ready to talk then give our creative director David a call on 0113 256 7376. We’re based in West Yorkshire but have designed and built kitchens for customers all over the country.