5 Tips for Redesigning your bedroom

Over the years we have helped our customers design a bedroom that works perfectly for them, introducing their own individuality along with plenty of storage to keep the space clean and clutter-free. Here are a few tips from our furniture designers to help you create the bedroom of your dreams.

Start Dreaming

Your first step should be to imagine your ideal bedroom. It will be a restorative sanctuary as well as being a place to get ready for the day or prepare for a special night out. When you are redesigning your bedroom, these practicalities will be front of mind along with your own personal style. Our design journey always begins with a conversation about both functional and aesthetic priorities.

Solve your problems

Every room has its design challenges and this is particularly true of bedrooms. Are there any obstacles in the room such as awkward corners or low ceilings? How can best use be made of every inch of space?  We approach every project from a problem-solving perspective and have designed furniture for the most unusual shaped rooms, always coming up with innovative and creative ideas.

Clear the clutter

This is one place that needs lots of storage for everything from coats and dresses to shoes and jewellery. The layout of the room will add to the sense of space and tranquillity and it is surprising how much storage space can be planned in to keep things hidden away yet within easy reach.

Mirror mirror

A bedroom mirror is almost as essential as the bed itself. Don’t feel restricted by what is available on the high street. One of our best-selling products is our Cavetto mirror which we have made in a variety of custom shapes, sizes and finishes for different customers and it is the perfect addition to any bedroom.

Add personality

Your perfect sanctuary may be a pastel-coloured haven or it might be something far more dramatic. Your bedroom is your own personal space where you can choose to keep things simple or have a bit of interior design fun. One of our most interesting bedroom projects saw us design a bespoke wave pattern for a customer which flowed across their fitted furniture creating a very unique effect.

Whatever kind of bedroom you’re dreaming of, we’d love to help you design it. Call us on 0113 2567376.