5 space-saving tips for small bedrooms


From an aesthetic and practical point of view, it’s not always easy to find space-saving solutions for small bedrooms. But here at Dovetailors, we like a challenge and by measuring to the exact inch and getting creative, it’s possible to design a small bedroom that’s functional and looks good too.

Here are our 5 space-saving tips for small bedrooms:


Clutter can accumulate quickly and before you know it, your smaller bedroom has become a dumping ground for laundry, knick knacks, coats and all those other bits and bobs. Before you get started on any new design project, it’s important to have a sort out and decide on the main purpose of the room. Is it going to be a study, a kids’ bedroom or a small guest room? Clear out as much as you can and make room for the essential things you would like to keep.

Fitted furniture

Bespoke fitted furniture is our area of expertise and we have designed made to measure desks, chests of drawers, wardrobes, bedside tables, shelving and storage boxes for many of our customers. Our first step will be to work closely with you to get the very best out of your ideas so we can achieve something truly special. Fitted furniture can make a tremendous difference when space is tight as it can be made to the exact dimensions of the room. Handcrafted in our Yorkshire workshop, our pieces have a timeless quality and you can choose whichever finish or wood to suit you.

Measure up

An awkward shaped room or small room needs extra attention to detail and that’s why our first step is always to come and measure up precisely. We will make sure the space is maximised to its full potential so every inch is used. Thinking about and changing the layout is key when it comes to designing and measuring for a smaller bedroom.

Space-saving beds

We mentioned in our previous blog about a bespoke cabin bed design which helped our customer achieve extra space by creating a fully functional bedroom. We know first hand the difference it can make when a room that hasn’t got a specific use is suddenly incorporated into the rest of the home. Foldaway beds are another option which enable the space to be quickly transformed into a guest room: there are lots of innovative design possibilities.

Neat storage solutions

Good storage should be simple, stylish and sturdy. Having a place for everything when your smaller bedroom is limited in size is essential and we have lots of solutions from pull out drawers, built in cabinets and attractive, modern shelving. Improving the smaller room in your home with space-saving storage is a good way to create a new and imaginative space which you can enjoy for years to come.