5 Creative Ways to Use Full Length Mirrors

full length mirrors

From a practical point of view, full length mirrors are useful home accessories that allow us to check our appearance. Most of us have a full length bedroom mirror and maybe on in the hall or on the landing too.  Practicalities aside, decorative mirrors re also a useful interior design tool, enhancing the light and space in a room and brightening up gloomy corners.

Here are 5 creative ways to use modern full length mirrors to style your home

  1. Harness daylight – A carefully positioned full length mirror placed strategically opposite a window can help the natural daylight flood the room and fill every corner.
  2. Focal point – A blank wall on a half landing or an empty wall can be brought to life with a feature mirror. A custom made mirror or one that has been made to measure to fill your space and complement your interiors can add drama and tie together the design elements of a room.
  3. Create space – Full length mirrors can be used in small spaces to enlarge the size of the area or make a narrow room or hall feel bigger. Use mirrors inside cupboard doors or choose bespoke slim mirrors to add interest in tight corners.
  4. Divert attention – If there is a feature within a room that you’d rather detract attention away from, adding a glamorous mirror in another part of the room can help to draw the focus in a different direction. This interior design skill has been used for centuries to trick the eye and create a stylish impression.
  5. Design your own – Don’t feel restricted to tall rectangular mirrors. A long oval mirror or a unique shape such as our Cavetto style mirrors and Art Deco designs add personality to a home and can be created to complement the decor of your home or its architectural and period features.

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