Finding the ideal wall shelves to organise your home

Curved wall shelves in oak Dovetailors

As the summer holidays draw to a close and the new school term begins, September is the perfect time to tidy up your wall shelves, clear out some junk and organise the home before autumn sets in.

Family life is busy, especially during school holiday time, and before you know it piles of clutter have accumulated in every corner and on each available surface. It can be incredibly satisfying to have a good tidy up and this is an excellent time to re-evaluate your storage, make some room in the cupboards and perhaps add some additional shelving.

Wall-mounted shelves and floating bookshelves are a good way of providing stylish storage without taking up floor space. As designers, we approve wholeheartedly with anything that offers a practical solution whilst looking good and our ellipse floating wall shelves are a great example of this philosophy. In designing these wooden bookshelves we have placed sturdiness and capacity at the centre of their requirements. The innovative design gives the floating shelves immense strength and huge capacity on a minimalist frame.

We want to make every product as robust as it is stylish, but also recognise that our customers often like to have their say too. For these wall-mounted shelves we offer various finishes. You can choose a Formica layer to brighten the shelves, or choose from the Hicks and Weatherburn’s eco-friendly Yorkshire artisan paint range to give a more subdued tone to the shelves. For our customers who prefer things au naturel, we can use natural oils and waxes to allow the richness of the wood to shine through.

As with any work we carry out, we always offer bespoke options to ensure our customer receives the most suitable product for their space. So if you have specific requests, or require different dimensions please email or call our showroom 0113 256 7376