Our in-house design team can create custom products from scratch or work closely with designers to refine their ideas and make them production ready.

We are highly skilled in traditional furniture making methods and our manufacturing capabilities allow us to make the most of our CAD CAM technology and CNC machinery to push the boundaries of design and support highly efficient prototyping and production.

Solid Hardwood stacking chair in oak - stacked
Lino and plywood kitchen by Dovetailors - pull-out curved shelves

Engineering Expertise

Modern furniture design finds solutions through imaginative product development and technical capability. Our workshop is equipped with the very latest technology and equipment to support innovation. Our experience in engineering means we can solve even the biggest design challenges.

Terrace wall shelf in oak (long) by HeadSprung!

Design Journey

We take time to truly understand each customer’s priorities and aesthetic preferences, whether they are bringing a new product to market or creating something bespoke for their home or community space.  The design journey is a partnership that can be hugely rewarding for us and our customers.

Developing Concepts

We help our commercial and individual customers to develop designs that meet their ambitions, both functionally and aesthetically. We begin the process with 3D modelling and develop prototypes to test their ideas. If the product is going into production, we advise on how design can impact on the cost and complexity of the manufacturing process.

Furniture design and prototyping by Dovetailors

Supporting Innovation

Much of our design work supports the work of emerging British designers and exciting modern furniture manufacturers. We can design everything from components to entire room sets. We also work with designers to test their concepts commercially.

Talk to our design team

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