Wooden Trestle Legs for Designer Desks

Nothing quite beats the warmth and beauty of a wooden trestle leg teamed with an elegant glass top, especially in a contemporary home office or workplace setting. We have been involved in a number of projects recently where we have been asked to design and manufacture the wood trestles for desks and meeting tables in all shapes, sizes and configurations.

With a bit of help from our CAD/CAM design machinery and the talent of our creative director David (who happens to have a PhD in engineering), we start by crunching the numbers to work out exactly what size trestles are needed and how many.

Trestle tables lend themselves to custom design because of their flexibility. We have made corner desks, rectangular desks, tilt top desks and large meeting tables. Sometimes we order the glass or other material to fit the top. In many cases though, the customer will call on expertise for the overall design and manufacture of the legs, ordering the glass locally, particularly if they are based quite a distance from our Yorkshire workshop.

One of our recent trestle desk projects was a bespoke commission for a property development company in Newcastle. We rendered our designs for them before starting work on manufacturing so that they were able to see what the finished product would look like. We designed a stylish corner desk for the CEO and a large meeting table for the team and then set about making the wooden trestle legs for both. The legs were delivered and the glass tops ordered separately by the customer, to our specification.

The beauty of a trestle desk is that it is both sturdy and modern. There are so many variations of look and feel that can be achieved by changing the shape of the table and the wood type, colour and finish of the legs. With little tweaks to the design here and there, the finished product can shift from sleek and minimal to angular and industrial. When glass is used for the top, it seems to highlight the grain of the wood, softening the whole look.  The possibilities are huge and we are looking forward to our next trestle table commission.

Whatever your trestle desk needs, we have the solution! Give us a call now on 0113 256 7376.